Jiva Career Mapping Test consists of DMIT and a Psychometric Assessment which in turn reveal the inborn talents and capacities of individuals. It also helps in determining the academic stream and career one should choose so as to have job satisfaction and efficiency.

D.M.I.T. reveals following information about a child or an adult:

  1. Inborn Talent
  2. 9 Multiple Intelligences
  3. Development of 5 Quotients (IQ, EQ, CQ, AQ and SQ)
  4. Discover the Preferred Learning Style & teach him/her accordingly (Visual / Auditory / Kinesthetic)
  5. Personality Trait
  6. Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  7. Find out Suitable Career Options
  8. Extracurricular Activity Selection
  9. Discover whether he/she is a Left brain dominant or Right brain dominant
  10. Learning Communication Character
  11. Learning Sensitivity
  12. Individual Leadership Style
  13. Individual Work Management Style
  14. Psychological & Planning Capability
  15. Allocations of various Abilities
  16. Objective / Concept Driven Model

Test can be conducted from age 2 onwards

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