Our Valuable Services

Jiva Student Excellence Program

An Innovative Intellectual revitalising Program specially designed for students to boost up their inner excellence and power of sensory organs.

Jiva Career Mapping

This program help students to find out their right stream of education and career for a bright future. It will identify the hidden potential and learning style of any individual.

Psychological Counselling

It will help the person to improve the mental health and the overall quality of their present life. Experienced Psychologists are available all the time at our centre.

Spiritual Renaissance Program

In this the root cause of human miseries will find out and will provide appropriate solution also. Cleansing procedures in this program


Other Attractions

Aura Analysis with the help of advanced version of Kirlian Photography

Learn More Human Energy Field (HEF) – is the most sensitive reflection of physical, emotional and, in some cases, spiritual condition of a person. Analysing the aura of a person helps to identify any imbalances in their Energy Body which helps to rectify the causes of the problem.